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Mystic Illustration An Adult Coloring Book

July 27th, 2015

Mystic Illustration  An Adult Coloring Book


I have been involved in creative arts from a young age watching in amazement as my father restored ancient historical buildings to their original form. He was 1 in 3 in Canada who could do these complex restorations, largely a lost European art. Sad but true.
Unfortunately this technique was not my calling and complex for me to master at the level my father enjoyed. Much to my surprise, it dawned on me, I inherited his creativity, and my purpose was to explore what was my expression of this creativity was to be.
Now I know!
Illustration, graphic design, sketching and painting was done with ease, and what was startling is that it was beyond my father who I believed could anything.
Now, I know all artists are unique and their expression of that talent is their own.
It has been 8 years now that my art has been shared by many, on an international level, for which I am extremely grateful and proud.
This why I would like to create this book for...

Artist Awards

November 6th, 2011

Artist Awards

About Us

Grand canvas has had its founding members embedded in product design, advertising, and marketing since the early 1980’s. Since then, many new interesting changes and people have joined to form a team of international designers, artists, creative innovators, and print professionals. Now, collectively known as the
“Ceanni group of Artists”.
Each member has brought insight, knowledge, and professionalism which no one partner could have achieved alone. The result?
~ More than 1000 premium art images
~ International awards in Atlanta, GA USA 2002 
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Grand canvas takes pride in the accomplishments of its internal creative team for the product development, artistic designs, and for the understanding of the ever changing consumer demands and desires for something new....