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About Us

Grand canvas has had its founding members embedded in product design, advertising, and marketing since the early 1980’s. Since then, many new interesting changes and people have joined to form a team of international designers, artists, creative innovators, and print professionals. Now, collectively known as the
“Ceanni group of Artists”.
Each member has brought insight, knowledge, and professionalism which no one partner could have achieved alone. The result?
~ More than 1000 premium art images
~ International awards in Atlanta, GA USA 2002 
~ International awards in San Francisco, CA USA 2003
~ International awards in Las Vegas, NE USA 2003
~  and most recently, International art publishing representation 2007

Grand canvas takes pride in the accomplishments of its internal creative team for the product development, artistic designs, and for the understanding of the ever changing consumer demands and desires for something new. As the changes to the housing industry began to grow on a grander scale, Grand canvas recognized these changes and grew along side the modern art trend. Now, one stop shop exists for the 100’s of giclee and canvas prints accommodating the 12ft walls of residential and commercial buildings.

At Grand canvas, we see art as the beauty that the imagination can create and it is that image we put onto canvas. After all, imagination is not limited and it is this principle we share as we strive for uniqueness and unrestricted in our selections.

No one ever wants to enter an establishment or home with the thought, “ hey thats the same art piece I have at home! ”

Artist Bio
Featuring Lead Artist: Yanni J Theodorou

Born in Montreal, Quebec Canada he started his career in the field of Neuroscience and then business. Successful in his endeavours, he always felt limited without the ability to express his creativity. He grew up watching his family create fresco’s, paintings and sculptures, and began to gravitate  to his creative side. He started to follow the generations before him by painting abstract works.
Yanni now uses any medium; painting, sculpting, or digital to bring his artistic visions to life.
He now feels enjoyment when he sees the faces of people appreciating his work. In his own words, “ nothing is better than than the feeling I get when someone is elated over an art piece I have just created, it makes it all worthwhile”.



Landscape garden

Abstract art


Ancient Catles

Abstract modern art rectangle shape